Molykote P-74 Paste 500g Molykote P-74 Paste 500g You need to get feedback information :
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S000037 Molykote Grease Quantity: 10 pcs

Molykote P-74 Paste 500g

Product code: S000037
You need to get feedback information :
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Hotline (24/7)      : (+84)0286.650.1858
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Key Properties
A PAO based anti-seize paste formulated with solid lubricants such as graphite and white solids
Suitable for a wide range of applications in the chemical, petrochemical, paper and automotive industry, and in engineering, wood and plastic processing; Used on bolted connections, sliding contact bearings, linear sliding guides, splined shafts, press-fit joints, exhaust bolts, spark plug threads, flanges and flange seals, door hinges, brake mechanisms and plate springs
Assembly & Run-in; High Temp & Alloys; Plain Bearings, Bushings & Sleeves; Threads, Threaded Connections
Features & Benefits
High load-carrying capacity
Good corrosion protection
Non-metallic formulation
Wide service temperature range
Low and constant coefficient of friction
Facilitates disassembly even after extended periods and after demanding and unfavorable conditions of service
Metal-free formulation avoids fastener brittleness or environmental contamination
With a coefficient of friction similar to oiled bolts, tightening torques can be calculated and applied uniformly, even upon repeated loosening and tightening, aiding in:
Uniform clamping force on flanges, valves, housings, etc.
Increased safety against bolt fractures
Increased safety against loosened screws due to vibration
Good Corrosion Protection; High Load Carrying Capability; High Temperature Performance; Low Speed Performance; Wide Temperature Range
Product Details
Product Type:    Anti-Seize Paste
Chemistry:          Polyalphaolefin (PAO)
Solid Lubricant: Graphite, white solids
High Temp:         1500°C
Color:    Greyish-Black
Hazmat:               Yes

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