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Nabakem PMC-3 Powerful Mold Cleaner 420ml
  • Nabakem PMC-3 Powerful Mold Cleaner 420ml

  • Product code: S000100
  • Price: 100.000 đ
  • Weights: 420 ml
  • AFC OGE CO.,LTD provides lubricant products for applications in oil refineries and gas production plants such as: High temperature grease, Copper Anti - Seize Compound, Valve Lubricating .... Please contact us with the following information:

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    Documents Chamber of Commerce Quality Certificate
    Certificate of Origin Chamber of Commerce
    Origin Korea
    Marker Nabakem
    Packing 420ml/bottle , 20bottle/box
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Excellent permeability and powerful cleasing : With excellent cleansing in good harmony with quick vaporization, penetrates deep into the complex mold.
Perfect removal of oil, grease, dust, carbon, injection molding residues without damaging cleaning target.
Residues : Completely vaporized pmc-3 has high density and low surface tension.
It removes the contaminants of complex mold and precision equipment perfectly.
As it does not leave residues, separate washing is not required.
Also, it can keep cleaning target clean.
It does not attract dust or static electricity, nor contain carbon tetrachloride, silicon and petrolic solvents.
Saftey : Chemcally stable and low-toxic.
It does not dischlorate and corrode mold, precision machinery and its parts, showing high stability.
With excellent chemical stability, pmc-3 can be preserved for a long time.
Non-petrolic and non-freonic solvent: Orgainic solvents (toluene, benzene etc.) and freonic cleaners toxic and harmful to human body and environment are not contained
Cleaning of injection molding residues, and carbons
Degreasing of all precision equipment and metals
Cleaning of precise machinery, aircraft instrument and electronic equipment
Cleaning and degreasing of all metal parts and equipment

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