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Nabakem Mega Check Cleaner 450ml
  • Nabakem Mega Check Cleaner 450ml

  • Product code: S000104
  • Weights: 450 g
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  • Hotline or Zalo Vietnam (+84)908079792
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    Documents Chamber of Commerce Quality Certificate
    Certificate of Origin Chamber of Commerce
    Origin Korea
    Marker Nabakem Chemical
    Packing 450ml/bottle , 20 bottle/Carton
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Special equipment not required. Used anytime anywhere.
This product changes invisible fine cracks into visible red-colored cracks, enabling you to check all cracks
It can be used regardless of material or form of inspection object.
Easy-to-use and highly portable one touch aerosol type
Corrosive materials not used.
Safe for aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy subject to easy corrosion.
Inspection results are maintained as they are, unless you clean them.
Aerosol product ensures clean use, making you maintain cleanliness of workplace
It can be used for nonferrous materials like porcelain, glass, synthetic resin as well as metal, iron, nonferrous metal, magnetic substance and nonmagnetic substance
Casting parts ----- pin hole, scalding flaw, shrinkage flaw forging parts ----- forging flaw
Weld ----- crack, failed joining.
Metal materials ----- grinding flaw, heat flaw, cutting tool crack
Leakage check ----- tank, boiler, pipe etc

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