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Nabakem DC-3000 Electro Contact Cleaner 453g
  • Nabakem DC-3000 Electro Contact Cleaner 453g

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  • Weights: 453 g
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    Certificate of Origin Chamber of Commerce
    Origin Korea
    Marker Nabakem Chemical
    Packing 453g/bottle , 20 bottle /Carton
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Montreal Protocol Regulation defined CFC’s(Freon Gas) is a main component of ozone layer destructing material which is restricted to manufacture and import. DC-3000 is made as replacement detergent.
Since it has high density, low viscosity and low surface tension, it penetrates deeply into object material and washes off contaminant. It is non-flammable detergent with excellent chemical stability and heat stability. This is safe and super precision detergent that can be used in whole industries
Cleanliness : Excellent cleaning power harmonized with evaporation can remove oil, grease, dust or flux on the surface of object easily.
Penetrability : It penetrates into the deepest core of contaminants on electronic/electrical devices or precision machinery with complicated and sophisticated structures and provides an excellent cleaning performance
Cleaning of electric and electronic products : Contacts (relay, selector, switch, wiper), heads (video, audio, computer), indicator (dial, digital), Telecom equipment, exchange unit (mechanic, electronic, PBX), magnetic head, CARD, semi-connector, electronic tube, VTR, CRT, PCB, relays and switches, test equipment etc.
Cleaner for precision and optical equipment : Watch, camera, measuring instrument, photocopier, computer, lens, aircraft instrument etc.
Excellent effects as thermal shock tester indicating correct position of intermittent failure by electric heat of aviation, electronic and engineering equipment

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