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Lubriplate 930-2 Grease 180kg/drum Lubriplate 930-2 Grease 180kg/drum To get the fastest response
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S000414 Lubriplate Lubricant Quantity: 100 pcs

  • Lubriplate 930-2 Grease 180kg/drum

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The Lubriplate "930" Series of lubricants are also listed as "multipurpose" but with a higher operating temperature range than the "630" Series. These lubricants possess high film strength and exceptional resistance to water, steam and other adverse operating conditions. Since these lubricants are of the non-melt type, they can be used successfully for high temperature applications up to 375°F and for short intervals up to 400°F.The Lubriplate "930" Series of lubricants are shear stable multipurpose greases for both plain and anti-friction bearings. These lubricants are recommended wherever Microgel greases or Bentone greases are recommended and used
Lubriplate No. 930-2 is an NLGI No. 2 lubricant for general grease-gun applications and is also available in the convenient 14½-ounce cartridge
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