Kluber Barrierta L 55/2 1kg Kluber Barrierta L 55/2 1kg You need to get feedback information :
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S000451 Kluber Lubrication Quantity: 200 pcs

Kluber Barrierta L 55/2 1kg

Product code: S000451
You need to get feedback information :
Please contact email: purchase@afc-engineering.com
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Product Description :
One of the wellknown strengths of the BARRIERTA L 55 series is the products' suitability for the lubrication of bearings and guides operating under extreme temperatures. A low evaporation rate enables longest grease lives and hence longest relubrication intervals.
Typical applications include:
Conveyors (load and turn rollers)
Kiln cart wheel bearings
Calender bearings
Fan bearings
Chain bearings in film stretching stenters
BARRIERTA L 55/2 is most frequently used for initial and longterm lubrication. For relubrication softer grades of NLGI class 1 or lower are recommended
Friction points under the influence of media:
BARRIERTA L 55 greases offer exceptionally long service lifetimes even when exposed to any of a large number of aggressive media such as concentrated acids, lyes, organic solvents or gases.
In addition to its resistance to media, BARRIERTA L 55/2 offers also good adhesion and a sealing effect, which makes it suitable for application in:
Valves, fittings and installations e.g. in the chemical industry
Pneumatic components
Level gauges, e.g. for fuels or chemicals
Seals (static, dynamic)
Extraction systems
Foodprocessing and pharmaceutical industries:
All BARRIERTA L 55 greases are registered as NSFH1 and are therefore in compliance with FDA 21 CFR § 178.3570.
The additional certification according to ISO 21469 supports the compliance with the hygienic requirements in your production plant.
Whitecolored BARRIERTA L 55 special lubricants can therefore also be used on friction points where incidental contact with food products cannot be ruled out for technical reasons, e.g. in rolling and plain bearings and guides operating under high thermal loads in:
Automatic baking ovens
Cooking or frying lines
Conveyor systems
Plasticplastic friction points:
BARRIERTA L 55 greases – irrespective of NLGI grade are neutral towards the majority of plastic materials. Results of pertinent tests with fluoroelastomers can be found overleaf.
We recommend testing lubricant compatibility with the materials in question prior to series application
Application notes:
For optimum results we recommend cleaning all friction points with white spirit 180/210 and then with Klüberalfa XZ 31 prior to initial lubrication. Subsequently, the friction points should be dried with clean dry compressed air or hot air to remove all solvent residues.
The friction point must be free from oil, grease, perspiration and contamination particles before initial lubrication
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