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WD-40 Specialist Extreme Pressure Grease 396g
  • WD-40 Specialist Extreme Pressure Grease 396g

  • Product code: S000118
  • Weights: 396 g
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    Origin U.S.A
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    Packing 396ml/tube , 12tube/Carton
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The diurea thickener used in Shell Stamina Grease RL 2 has a high melting point and the grease performance is limited only by the properties of the base oil and additive components. The low volatility and excellent oxidation stability of the base oil are such that they give an excellent service life in bearings operating between -20°C and +160°C. With caution, Shell Stamina Grease RL 2 may, in some circumstances, be used at temperatures up to 180°C, but only if the re-lubrication period is suitably adjusted
Excellent life at high temperatures
 Good wear protection
 Excellent mechanical stability
 Excellent oxidation resistance
 Good protection against false brinnelling
 Low oil separation
 Excellent corrosion protection
 Resists water washout
 Lead and nitrite free for safe handling
Shell Stamina Grease RL 2 is particularly recommended for use in high temperature (160°C), lightly loaded industrial bearings. It is recommended for use where long operational life and extended regreasing intervals are an important consideration

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