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Special Grease

Copaslip Copper Anti-Seize Compound 500g
  • Copaslip Copper Anti-Seize Compound 500g

  • Product code: S000052
  • Weights: 500 g
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  • AFC OGE CO.,LTD provides lubricant products for applications in oil refineries and gas production plants such as: High temperature grease, Copper Anti - Seize Compound, Valve Lubricating .... Please contact us with the following information:

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    Certificate of Origin Chamber of Commerce
    Origin U.K
    Marker Molyslip 
    Packing 500g/can , 24 can/box
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A high-performance compound specifically formulated to protect fasteners from seizure induced by extremes of temperature, pressure and corrosion. The semi-synthetic base fluid is reinforced with anti-oxidants, corrosion inhibitors and ultra-pure copper particles to provide outstanding protection to threads and components
Copaslip minimises variations in frictional interference between threads, allowing accurate and consistent assembly. It also prevents galling and seizure during assembly and dismantling-even after long periods of exposure to high temperatures, corrosive environments or high pressure
Withstands extreme temperature up to +1100°C
Features and Benefits
Ensures consistent friction between threads
Protects against galling and seizure
Protects against rust and corrosion
Eases assembly of tight-tolerance components
Withstands extreme temperature

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