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Shell Morlina S2 B 150 Bearing Oil 209L
  • Shell Morlina S2 B 150 Bearing Oil 209L

  • Product code: S000124
  • Weights: 209 Litter
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    Documents Chamber of Commerce Quality Certificate
    Certificate of Origin Chamber of Commerce
    Origin Singapore/Asia
    Marker Shell
    Packing 209L/drum
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Shell Morlina S2 B 150 is a high performance oil designed to provide outstanding oxidation and water separation protection for most general industrial bearing and circulating oil system applications and other certain industrial applications which do not require oils with extreme pressure.
Long oil life - maintenance saving
Reliable wear and corrosion protection
Maintaining system efficiency
Oil lubricated bearings - suitable for most plain and rolling
Morlina S2 B 150
Bearing Oil
Supplied in various sizes

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