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Shell Alvania Grease RA-J 18kg
  • Shell Alvania Grease RA-J 18kg

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    Packing 18kg/pail
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Shell Alvania Grease RA-J is a low-temperature, high-speed lithium soap-based grease with excellent heat resistance and water resistance, especially at low temperatures.
Shell Alvania Grease RA-J uses lithium soap as a thickener and a high-viscosity and highly-refined ore. Uses grease as base oil, adding antioxidant and rust inhibitors. Shell Alvania Grease RA-J could be used at temperature as low as -40°C. In addition, rolling bearing works at extremely high speed. It could also be used for light and medium load sliding bearings.
Working Temperature Range (-40°C to 130°C)

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