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Molykote G-1067 Grease 1kg
  • Molykote G-1067 Grease 1kg

  • Product code: S000082
  • Price: 100.000 đ
  • Weights: 1 kg
  • Hotline or Zalo Vietnam (+84)901199092
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    Documents Chamber of Commerce Quality Certificate
    Certificate of Origin Chamber of Commerce
    Origin Japan - Asia
    Marker Shell
    Packing 18kg/can , 180kg/drum
    Goods warehouse  Available in stock

Synthetic Grease designed for automotive components
Wide temperature range (-50°C to 120°C)
Compatible with most plastics
Good Lubricant for GFRP (glass-fiber-reinforced plastics)
Good plastic & rubber compatibility
Automotive rail parts, lubrication of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic parts
Control cables
Plastic lubrication
Rubber & elastomer lubrication
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