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Kluberplex AG 11-462 25kg
  • Kluberplex AG 11-462 25kg

  • Product code: S000130
  • Weights: 25 kg
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    Documents Chamber of Commerce Quality Certificate
    Certificate of Origin Chamber of Commerce
    Origin Germany
    Marker Kluber Lubricant
    Packing 25kg/pail
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Klüberplex AG 11-461 and 462 offer very good wear and corrosion protective properties contributing to an efficient operation of your highly loaded installations and components.
These adhesive greases have proven effective for many years, providing reliable protection of components also when exposed to salt water or during extended periods of standstill
Benefits for your application:
Reduced maintenance needs low contamination of machine environment due to use of white solid lubricants and low lubricant consumption very good adhesion even at low temperatures product streamlining possible as the product is suitable for gear rim / pinion drives and bearings
Improved component performance less wear due to selected solid lubricants and additives very good corrosion protection also when exposed to salt water

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