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CRC 3081 Belt Grip 400g
  • CRC 3081 Belt Grip 400g

  • Product code: S000132
  • Weights: 400 g
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    Documents Chamber of Commerce Quality Certificate
    Certificate of Origin Chamber of Commerce
    Origin Australia/U.K
    Marker CRC Industries
    Packing 400g/bottle , 24 bottle/Carton 
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CRC Belt Grip provides a temporary, synthetic treatment for worn belts that extends belt life by reducing slippage, hardening, glazing, dirt build-up and friction. CRC Belt Grip also helps eliminate annoying squeaks and squeals. Formulated with a tacky, non-drying, water-resistant polymer. CRC Belt Grip can be used on leather, rubber, canvas or fabric and is ideally suited for flat, round and V-belts
Recommended for industrial machinery, conveyor systems, portable motorised equipment and vehicle belts

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